Few people expected Oren Peli's micro-budgeted film Paranormal Activity to blow up into the phenomenon it did. I suspect that even fewer people expected we'd get a sequel to the film, but last night saw the release of the first teaser for Paranormal Activity 2 and the launch of the film's official website.

After the directorial shenanigans with the Saw VII people -- which saw PA2 director Kevin Greutert forced to leave the film and direct the newest Saw instead thanks to legal mumbo jumbo in his contract -- Kip Williams was brought in to take over the project and try to have it ready for its October 2010 rematch with Jigsaw. Many of us speculated that PA2 might not make its release date given the short time frame Williams had to get the project off the ground, but it looks like things are running smoothly in this trailer.

The clip looks like more of what we saw in the first film, which is fine by me. I was worried they might try to go all Blair Witch 2 on us, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The preview shows lots of creepy looking cam footage and should spook audiences who were disturbed by the first film.

Check out the clip after the jump. Paranormal Activity 2 is set to get you in the Halloween mood on October 22nd. Something tells me you won't have to demand to see this one at a theater near you.
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