The official youtube title of this is Ghost Stories from Japan #18: The Beating Sound on The Wall, which sounds like the most painfully literal title I can conceive. I'm not sure what the real title is. It's just another one of those oddities belched up by from the labyrinthine corridors of the internet. Various Googlings revealed very little. I don't know if this was a television show or something specifically designed for the web. Considering it's length, with each one coming in at only 5 minutes, I'm betting on the latter. The economy of storytelling here is tremendous, with each one playing out like a campfire tale. There's not much substance or character development, but it does exactly as it intends, providing a quick, spooky chill.

Many folks would rightfully argue that the Japanese have a wildly different perspective on horror, but they're only partially right. In this particular short, you'll find a lot of universal tropes that tap into a common vein. In particular, mysterious sounds and the drawbacks of living in a cheap apartment. Only in this apartment, it's not roaches or poor plumbing that our heroine has to worry about, but the worst loud roommate you could imagine this side of the Entity.

And once again, the Japanese reinforce their fixation with creepy chicks with hair in their eyes. . .

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