Welcome to Captain's Log -- your round-up of sci-fi randomness from around the web. Here's what's happening:

As we heard towards the Fourth, SciFi Wire offers up fireworks from SciFi flicks like Return of the Jedi, above.

Did you know that $35k could score you a fully functional -- and street legal! -- Tron lightcycle? [Topless Robot]

io9 shares a first look at the upcoming cover for Scott Westerfeld's dieselpunk novel, Behemoth.

They also help debunk the terrible rumor that the Doctor is turning into Johnny Depp for the big screen.

Lame: That great "8-Bit Twilight" game on YouTube has been taken down for copyright infringement, according to BoingBoing.

But maybe it's time to lighten up on the vampire hullaballoo before more people blame their accidents on vampires in the road.

Quiet Earth shares trailers for Captain Harlock: Space Pirate and Gaiking.

Finally, The Awesomer shares the "Coolest Spacesuit Designs." Do you agree?
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