Operation gameThe cast of 'Toy Story 3' aside, it's hard to imagine that the classic toys and board games many of us grew up with would work as movie premises. That hasn't stopped Hollywood from raiding the toy chests of Generations Jones and X for movie ideas that combine kid appeal with adult nostalgia.

The success of Hasbro in becoming a Hollywood player (thanks to the 'Transformers' and 'G.I. Joe' films) has convinced toy makers that just about any classic toy or board game you can think of could become a blockbuster movie. The latest toy to jump aboard the Hollywood gravy train: Denmark's wild-haired, scrunch-faced Good Luck Trolls (last seen in a cameo in 'Toy Story 3'), who signed a deal last week to be the stars of a DreamWorks Animation feature.

For moviegoers of a certain age, it seems no toy is safe from potential memory-besmirching ruin by the studios. Just for fun, we thought we'd come up with a list of classic toys and games that Hollywood could despoil, only to discover that many of them were already in development, with A-list stars or directors attached. Read the list below and see if you can tell which of these toy movies are real projects and which ones we made up.
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