If catching up on films you may have missed in-between the wretched doldrums of this summer's releases is your goal, then you are in luck. Even if you have to wait until September to do it. As reported last week, we are in the in-between of home entertainment announcements while the studios fill-up the month before October when the market will begin to flood with early summer titles and potential holiday sell-through wonders.

The best of these titles is Anchor Bay's Solitary Manfrom directors Brian Koppelman and David Levien (responsible for writing Rounders and Ocean's Thirteen.) This one features Michael Douglas doing his best work since Wonder Boys in a variation of his morally-corrupt businessman routine forced to confront his own mortality and a community of friends and family that is slowly dwindling. The cast includes Susan Sarandon, Jenna Fischer, Danny DeVito, Jesse Eisenberg and a feisty, standout performance from Imogen Poots as the daughter of his lover (Mary-Louise Parker) that he escorts to a college campus and becomes a kind of Roger Dodger/Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past mentor to the romantically-challenged Jesse Eisenberg. Once this pathetic summer at the cinema ends, you can pick this up on Sept. 7.
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