Pumpkinhead, FX wizard Stan Winston's debut film, wasn't exactly a huge hit when it was released back in 1988. However, in the years since, it's found an appreciative audience on VHS and DVD. It's easy enough to understand why -- Pumpkinhead is a pretty entertaining horror film that did just enough to separate itself from all the "me too" slasher films that were killing the genre at that time.

Lance Henriksen stars as an earnest, hardworking shop owner out in the country. When a group of city kids come through town on their way to go dirt biking, one of them accidentally runs down Henriksen's son. Rather than do the right thing and call the authorities, the young punk forces his friends to remain silent and flee the scene. That doesn't sit right with the grieving father, who takes his son to an old witch so she can resurrect him. She offers Henriksen a shot at vengeance -- through the demon Pumpkinhead -- which the shattered man willingly accepts. The resurrected demon then goes on the killing spree everyone was expecting.

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