Wonder Woman Gets a MakeoverI've been debating the feasibility of fighting crime in a bathing suit since video games started showing me superheroes in skimpy outfits. Well, Wonder Woman has gotten a brand new look and it's no swimming costume. I'll show you her new threads, give you the scoop and a peek at the last time she felt like going shopping. After you watch, vote in the poll below the video. And since all signs point to a Wonder Woman movie, do you think this is the look we'll see on the big screen? (Source: NY Times) By the way, how many of you ladies had the Wonder Woman Underoos? Loved those things!

I'm up for adoption. Oh stop laughing. When you see the movie prop recreation that I want for my birthday, and how much it costs, you'll do the same thing. Only very rich people need apply. (Source: Gizmodo) Check out the video after the jump.