Today's tween and teen audiences know him best as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the genteel patriarch of a benevolent vampire family in the Twilight Saga and foster father to the brooding Edward Cullen. But long before playing the good doctor, even prior to his turn as a conceited jock in Can't Hardly Wait, Peter Facinelli made a whole different generation of youngsters swoon in another tale about girls and their high school dramarama.

We meet Peter Facinelli butt-first in 1996's Foxfire, naked save for a pair of boots. He poses, nude, in foliage. He runs, in slo-mo, through a stream to the sounds of Canadian rockers Wild Strawberries. He cavorts in the hottest teen styles of the '90s as Ethan, the "great" boyfriend of rollerblading protagonist Maddy Wirtz (Hedy Burress). Facinelli's Ethan may not have been the main attraction in this grrl power drama, but he sure made for a nice side dish.

That is, a dish that even Maddy puts off to the side once bad girl "Legs" Sadovsky (Angelina Jolie) comes into the picture. A liberated wanderer who breezes into town one day to teach the repressed girls of Portland to stand up for themselves, Legs soon brings together four disparate outcasts -- Maddy, Rita (Jenny Lewis, pre-Rilo Kiley/post-Troop Beverly Hills), Goldie (Jenny Shimizu), and Violet (Sarah Rosenberg) -- to form a girl gang of sorts, complete with topless candlelit tattoo rituals and various delinquent shenanigans. No wonder Maddy has little time to make-out with Facinelli's Ethan; the power of Angelina compels her.
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