I'm trying to keep a positive attitude when it comes to Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.'s prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing. And while I have my concerns, I can't complain too much about the official plot synopsis that turned up online yesterday (Bloody-Disgusting was kind enough to share it) and I'm pleased with what I've read.

Granted, it seems hard to screw up a prequel to Carpenter's film -- particularly since that version highlights exactly what happened at the Norwegian base that uncovered the buried spacecraft in the first place. Let's be honest, though -- knowing Hollywood, they could have tried to take this in a totally different direction. Luckily, they didn't.

According to the new synopsis, the film will follow an international group of scientists who unwittingly unleash the shape-shifting alien life-form. Marooned on the base, paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) must team up with helicopter pilot Carter (Joel Edgerton) in a fight for survival as paranoia spreads throughout the base when everyone begins to assume everyone else is really the monster.
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