From The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's first dark moments, as a young man gets attacked and tries to escape from a speedy assailant he cannot see, it's obvious this installment isn't like the others. The menace is set from moment one. It's not shoe-horned in like Twilight, or amped up at the end like New Moon. There's a world of peril lurking outside Forks, and it's this exact risk Bella (Kristen Stewart) faces as she continues her love affair with Edward (Robert Pattinson) and ponders her decision to become immortal.

New Moon ended with a proposal, and as we return to Forks, Bella has told Edward no -- continually -- trying to explain to her love that she's not the type of person to get married right out of high school. That's for the girls that get knocked up, not for young women like her, even if she is eager for the much more permanent bond of immortality.