The rise of Sam Worthington has been curtailed a little bit. After being up for every single character from Dracula to Dan Dare, his name has disappeared from weekly casting reports and rumors. I could insert some snarky "maybe he wasn't the next action star" comment here, but that just seems mean, especially since he's now a go to star for Radical Comics. According to THR's Heat Vision, Worthington has formed a new production shingle called Full Clip Productions, and is teaming up with Radical to develop comics and graphic novels that could be sent straight to the screen. Worthington and one of his Full Clip partners, John Schwarz, will basically have first pick of any juicy starring roles.

Their first project with Radical is called Damages. John and Michael Schwarz came up with the story -- "two brothers are committed to justice in different ways" -- and tapped David Lapham to pen the graphic novel. They're currently looking for a screenwriter who can then adapt it for film, which Radical and Full Clip will produce. Radical and Worthington are still adapting The Last Days of American Crime for the big screen, which will also star Worthington.

Radical is making a big name for themselves teaming up with up-and-coming Hollywood players like Tron: Legacy'sJoseph Kosinski, horror director Darren Lynn Bousman, and established companies like Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment.
I'm really curious to see where it all leads. I'm not sure what point there is in penning a graphic novel that's already conceptualized as a movie. I'm concerned this is just so movie studios can boast their film is based on a graphic novel, and imply there's a weight and history of fandom behind it. But, if this kind of marketing tie-in can help sell some good original stories, then I'm all for it. I just hope they don't all star Worthington.

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