Putting together today's post I realized it has been far too long since I've seen 2019 The New Barbarians (aka The New Barbarians, aka Warriors Of The Wasteland). I don't know precisely how often one should watch this violent, explosion-heavy, gimmicked-vehicle-filled, Enzo-Castellari-directed, post-apocalyptic film starring Fred Williamson (who uses an explosives-loaded crossbow) and George Eastman (who leads a murderous tribe of Templars), but I'm guessing the correct answer is somewhere in the "monthly" range.

Do you think my boss will give me grief if I call in with a bad case of the Castellaris this morning?

Click through for the Czech VHS and two trailers. Pro-tip: Although the second trailer is higher quality and is cut together much better, the first trailer opens with the preposterous line "The world is dead... it raped itself!"

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