It seems fitting that a clip chronicling the horrors of a reality TV program would debut online during the same week that the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 hit. The reality film and television market has become saturated and the competition to create new and unusual material is tough, considering how far shows are willing to go for ratings and advertiser dollars. That being said, are you really surprised that something like Tontine Massacre has turned up?

Tontine was a reality show produced by Survivor's Rob Mariano and asked participants to turn over their life savings, for a chance to win the collective savings of all the contestants on the show. That's a whopping $10 million bucks. Three years later -- and not a word from the Tontine crew since -- a new trailer has appeared online that espouses that the show's contestants were brutally murdered. If you haven't been jaded by reality films like Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, then this trailer probably holds some promise for you.

The Tontine website has all the background material you need to piece together this mysterious puzzle, but keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek which airs online today from 12 PM - 12 AM. Perhaps your questions will be answered, but until then hit the jump for a clip for a reality check.

Thanks to Courtney for the tip on this one. Please get check out her wonderful blog, Haunt Jaunts.
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