As you all are no doubt aware, some movie with an over-glorified vampire underwear model, that perpetually confused-looking Kristen Stewart kid and a frequently topless werewolf boy that eats muffins (seriously) has just arrived in theaters. Yes, that's right, I mean the new Twilight movie, the franchise that tries to sell something as nonsensical as wholesome sex to tweens and creepy women that find the story's tacky teen romance of a very old undead stalker that sparkles when he takes his shirt off and some girl alluring. Brace yourselves, nerdy men: these fangirls bite.

With Eclipsehaving just raked in $68.5 million on opening day alone, the highest amount for the first day of a Wednesday release in history, I can't help but think that Twi-haters should express why they just don't care about this stuff. Because it doesn't necessarily have to be a knee-jerk reaction. Sometimes, haters hate because, well, there's a damn good reason. If you select "Other," tell us why in the comments but please, please, PLEASE keep it relatively clean.

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