Where there's a man hug, there are "Man Smacks." See, a man cannot just grab a man, bring their bodies together, and squeeze. To be so gentle would be like a caress, and definitely be too unmanly. Naturally, the only way to show affection, hug, and combat too-close-for-comfort fear is to add a smack or two into the mix. Come close -- though not too close -- and bring that palm firmly down on the arm or back as a sort of smack-centric "atta boy!"

Filmmaker Joe Sabia decided to look into the cinematic history of "Man Smacks" and whipped up a killer montage, said to be: "A cinematic study on the social phenomenon that is 'Man Smacks.' The application of 'Man Smacks,' in simple English, allows two men to embrace each other affectionately while preserving their desire to be perceived as heterosexual."

It definitely runs wild through the man-on-man moments of love and friendship, but I think I most enjoy it because it's not just some cinematic construct, and not just for the boys' club. I say this as the daughter of a man who often shows his affection with a hearty smack to the back. But for this awesome video, nestled after the jump for your viewing enjoyment, it's all about the guy-guy camaraderie -- machismo-laden wrasslers, mobsters, and a best friend or three.