Elisabeth Bathory was a Hungarian countess whose legendary exploits as a serial murderer of young women in the 16th century have become a prominent figure in popular culture. Often considered the "female Dracula" for her practice of bathing in the blood of the young women she killed to preserve her youth, her story is set to hit the big screen again, this time with Tilda Swinton (Burn After Reading, Constantine) likely taking the mantle of the Blood Countess.

According to 24 Frames Per Second, the inimitable British actress is rumored to portray Bathory in the German/English productionThe Blood Countess (aka Die Blutgräfin). The film will be directed by Ulrike Ottinger (The Korean Wedding Chest, Prater) and is currently in pre-production. The synopsis from 24FPS is as follows:

Impatiently awaiting the arrival of her devoted maid Hermine, the countess Erzsébeth Báthory, also known as La Comtesse Sanglante, a tigress in human disguise, ascends into the open daylight. At breathtaking speed, the two women race through a Vienna of ghoulish beauty. Their entourage: Báthorys nephew Bubi, a vegetarian vampire who refuses to follow family traditions, his therapist, two wacky vampirologists, some members of the duelling fraternity "Vampiria", an all-female music ensemble, and many more. "Wiener Blut", Viennese blood is shed by the buckets while the hearts of the present Habsburgians and Viennese beat high. This is a cracked journey to the roots of a myth that has lost nothing of its appeal: to the Vampyre Empire! Naturally, the showdown takes place at Vienna´s "Prater" - during a midnight supper on that fair´s famous Ferris wheel.

Thoughts? The synopsis reads as if it were translated from German to English by an online translator, but despite this I suppose it could be an interesting flick. All depends on the approach, I suppose. The inclusion of "whacky vampirologists" makes me wonder if the film will take a more comedic slant, or simply be some crazy experimental film. The most recent interpretation of the Bathory story was Julie Delpy's The Countess, which was written and directed by Delpy, and also featured her in the title role.
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