BatmanDoes anyone remember the Hulk's blog? It's not active anymore, but someone has taken up the slack and started a Twitter account by Batman. By the way, it's the Frank Miller version of Batman as opposed to, say, the Adam West version of the character.

Highlighted Tweets include:

"Hey Pattinson, lessons on real brooding: 1. Comb your hair down, you look retarded. 2. Watch your parents get murdered. 3. Get a cape."

"Watch out criminal scum, I'm trying to kick caffeine again. And we all remembered what happened last time, don't we? DON'T WE!!!"

"Robin's skipping patrols tonight to go see Twilight Eclipse. Unrelated note: Tomorrow's training to include punch-withstanding and wedgies."

In short, it is exactly what a Twitter account by Batman would be like if he were an actual person and wasn't so preoccupied with beating up criminals as to know what Twitter is. Click through and enjoy.

[via SciFiWire]

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