Welcome to Cinematical's newest regular: a look at things hitting the big screen on the other side of the pond here in the UK. Sure, those of you Stateside have had your A-Team and your Karate Kid, but while the population of the UK continues to wait for such 'treats,' it's up to other distractions to keep us entertained. So without further ado, we present a new column picking five film-related things with which to occupy your time if you're in the UK.

5. Go for an Urban Drive-In

Ever wanted to experience that most American of pursuits, the drive-in cinema? Well now you can, though the downside is you will have to sit in a Volvo...

The car manufacturer is sponsoring the Volvo Starlite Urban Drive-In, which will take place at the Old Truman Brewery on July 2nd and 3rd. There'll be 25 cars, each with space for two, and tickets are £25 a pop. The films? Grease and Dirty Dancing, naturally. And should you desire some cinema snacks, rollerskating waitresses will happily oblige.

4. Make a Tenuous Tennis Connection

Few can be unaware that the Wimbledon Championships are taking place this week. Aside from the atrocious Paul Bettany film we'd all do well to forget, the tournament doesn't have much of a connection to cinema. But keep an eye out for British Wimbledon Junior, Oliver Golding, who made his way to the Boys semi-finals today after beating Argentinean player Renzo Olivo. Golding used to be an actor, and though he's chosen to focus on the sport now, he was the young lead, alongside Christopher Lee, in 2005's sappy family flick The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby, which is out now on DVD. It may not mean much now, but when he's the next Andy Murray that fact will make excellent pub trivia.
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