Anyone who watched the season premiere of HBO's Entourage this past Sunday night knows that one of the main storylines had to do with Johnny Drama trying to land a new role on an upcoming TV show. One of the fictional shows he was gunning for was a revival of the early '80s action showThe Fall Guy, which starred Lee Majors. Unfortunately for Drama, the lead role eventually went to Dean Cain (because they wanted someone "prettier"), and Drama was left with nothing but a fractured ego.

Well, proving once again that the fictional show sometimes mirrors real life (I'm sure we'll see that Aquaman movie someday), the LA Times reports that producer Walter Parkes (Dinner for Schmucks, Men in Black 3) and DreamWorks are working on a reboot of The Fall Guy, though unlike Entourage this one is expected to go the route of The A-Team and land on the big screen. Was the timing of the announcement coincidental, or did they do it to capitalize on the heat from the Entourage episode? That we don't know (and the LA Times doesn't even mention the Entourage connection), but what we do know is that The Fall Guy joins several other recent big-screen '80s adaptations, like A-Team, MaGuyver and The Equalizer -- the last two of which are currently in the planning stages. Oh yes, nothing is safe from Hollywood's latest '80s rampage.

The Fall Guy, for those who don't remember, starred Majors as a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter. It's still early (a writer hasn't even come onboard yet), though depending on the script I wouldn't be surprised if we hear George Clooney's name tossed around. (And if the studio really wants to have some fun, they'd throw Kevin Dillon a part just because.)
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