We were all promised flying cars as children. By who? I'm really not sure, it was kind of just a commonplace understanding that at some point in the future we'd all have flying cars. As you well know by your stupid, gravity-obeying road vehicle, that future never really came to pass.

Until today!

The Federal Aviation Administration has just approved the Terrafugia Transition, a flying car created by a group of MIT grads, for safe travels under the Light Spots Aircraft category. Now, sticklers will argue that the Transition is technically not a flying car (it's not like you can go take flight from any old street), but a drivable plane. To them I say this: why you gotta hate on the future?

The Transition will be entering production next year and will cost eccentric millionaires a scant $190,000. My birthday is exactly three weeks away. I will accept this as a very late gift.
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