The animation industry is mourning the loss of a legend today, as according to Coming Soon, Ilene Woods, the voice of Disney's iconic 'Cinderella,' has died. She was 81.

Woods began her singing and acting career at the age of two, and by the time she turned 14 in the summer of 1944, she had already landed her own radio program, 'The Ilene Woods Show,' on ABC Radio. After moving to California to pursue a career in show business, Woods was contacted by songwriters Mack David and Jerry Livingston to record tracks for a new film they were working on. When those recordings made their way into Walt Disney's hands, he called Woods up and signed her for the signature role of Cinderella, which became an instant classic when it debuted to worldwide acclaim in 1950.

Following the success of 'Cinderella,' Woods continued to work in Hollywood until 1959, when she retired to become a homemaker and grade school teacher, a decision she never regretted.
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