The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Breathe easy, Twi-hards! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been released and according to the numbers, we're guessing most of you have already seen it several times. And the buzz around the movie is actually really good -- Richard Roeper even called it "one of the most astonishing upgrades in movie franchise history."

Does 'Eclipse' live up to the expectations of its most dedicated fans? Is it really the best of the three 'Twilight' movies so far? Movie Club Editors Andie Taylor and Alicia Roda are joined by Laura Byrne-Cristiano of the mega-popular Twilight fan site Twilight Lexicon and Myriam Gabriel-Pollock, Moviefone's own 'Twilight' Superfan, to discuss their thoughts on 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' -- including the love triangle, the action, the soundtrack, the entire 'Twilight' phenomenon and more.