Vernon Chatman can't stop playing with puppets. The creator of Wonder Showzen used that show's classic Sesame Street format to explore experimental comedy, a faux kid-friendly variety show brimming with existential horror (and big laughs). His group of plush puppets tackled the usual issues, like racism and body image, as well as deep thought philosophy on the nature of God and the cycle of death. In Final Flesh, he has created, in his own words, "a seventy-two minute punchline" in which unwitting humans serve as his puppets in another comedic experiment into the great unknown.

There exists a subculture of internet filmmakers whose sole purpose is to provide custom-made pornography to individual buyers. If your particular fetish is seeing a woman mash a banana onto another woman's chest and then eat it, you can pay for these companies to make that fantasy real for you, on video. That banana scene does take place in Chatman's film, but he's not interested in fulfilling a secret sexual desire -- he's interested in seeing some rank amateurs act out his darkly hilarious, nihilistic scripts.
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