Bwahahahaha! Now I'm invading the quiet dignity of your Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club too! I know it's 4th of July weekend and some of you are already blitzed and I applaud you. Rest assured as soon as this gets posted I will be joining your communal debauchery. But if you can find time this weekend amid your busy schedule of cookouts, beer-swilling, and being not safe with explosives, why not partake yet again in this glorious weekly ritual. This week we will be watching Peter Hyam's fantastic space western Outland. This film stars Sean Connery as a lawman...on a moon of Jupiter! He's the chief lawdog for a mining colony on our celestial neighbor and starts asking questions after three miners mysteriously get deaded. This practice of totally legitimate investigation makes Connery a marked man and while a faceless, but nevertheless foreboding, threat draws ever nearer to him, all of his colleauges distance themselves further and further from him.

Hmmm, a lawman who makes a powerful enemy who threatens to return to settle the score and therefore causes all his supposed friends to walk away from him. Sounds likeHigh Noon don't it? This is not the first time a Sci-Fi Squader has highlighted this parallel. Peter Martin, in his obsessive list constructing, has lauded the merits of Outland as a remarkable space western and called into question the legality of its plot "borrowing" from High Noon. All I know is I freaking love this movie and look forward to discussing it with you guys on Monday. It's available on Netflix. Happy viewing and happy frakking Birthday America!
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