Stephen King supersite Lilja's Library recently sat down with screenwriter David Kajganich to discuss the upcoming remakes of Pet Sematary and It. There's good news and bad news here, folks.

First, the bad news. Kajganich is no longer attached to the Pet Sematary project. The writer states that he thinks the book is one of King's best and that he was excited to be involved with retelling the tale, but the studio has decided they'd like to "revamp" the story. These changes involve making the daughter character the focal point of the story and appealing to a younger audience. Kajganich didn't like these changes and was allowed to leave the project. Pet Sematary is back on the development track at Paramount (with Matt Greenberg handling the writing duties), but Kajganich has no idea how the film is progressing.

Jump past the break to read what's up with It.
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