The iPhone 4 is hardly a week old and already someone has made a film shot with the mobile device. It's only three and a half minutes long, but the footage was captured, edited and then uploaded to YouTube in just two days, a remarkable display of the ease and immediacy of modern motion picture technology. The documentary short is titled 156 Turns, and it honestly looks better than a lot of non-fiction features I've seen made with more traditional film cameras. Director Seth Schaeffer did use Owle Bubos with the iPhones, allowing for more stability and lens options (they're also good for audio and lighting attachments), but otherwise there were no alterations made to the image quality in post-production -- no color correction, for instance -- because they wanted to show precisely how great the iPhone's video is without such effects.

As for the film itself, with its document of part of the 2010 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 156 Turns may interest motorcycle racing fans, though it does play like a long-form commercial for Ducati and, of course, Apple's new iPhones. I still look forward to what other documentarians will do with the device, as it seems to be perfect for quick and tight filming (like the shots from the motorcycle in motion), probably good for more journalistic films and anything involving large crowds, train-hopping or secret filming of human or animal rights violations. With the Owle Bubo it's less conspicuous than if you were to just use the phone by itself, but without the tripod attachment it just looks like a video game controller.

Check out the iPhone 4-shot film 156 Turns after the jump.
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