The fact that I find the following newsworthy is just depressing. I'm growing tired of 3D as much as the next person, but I've also come to terms with the fact that it's not going to fade away with any quickness. A few months ago, after Avatar came out, it was no longer surprising news to hear that a film was going to be released in 3D. Announcements were arriving with such regularity that it was just assumed that if a Hollywood film cost over $10 million to make, it was going to be shown in 3D. However, thanks to a string of disappointments, specifics of a film's extra dimension are now once again news.

Fans are starting to paying attention to whether or not a 3D movie was actually filmed that way or if it was converted in post-production. Clash of the Titans is what triggered the concern, but the press machine in Hollywood is too good at what it does and a general haze of, "Oh, well, that conversion was really rushed. If it's done properly it looks just as good as the real thing" became the accepted frame of mind after that disaster. Well, now The Last Airbender is out and its post-production 3D, which supposedly was not rushed, is just as utterly worthless as Titans'. So with the whole "that was a fluke" argument in the process of deflation, it's important to look toward the future to see what is using "Real 3D" and what is using "Fake 3D".
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