Mathilda May as Space Girl in 'Lifeforce' (AKA Space Vampire)

I bought and read the first book and saw the movie adaptation -- which I thought was pretty good -- and then I jumped off that sparkly train. Some day I may catch up with New Moon and/or The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but my taste runs towards another kind of bloodsucker. Her name is Space Girl.

As played by the magnificent Mathilda May in Lifeforce (AKA Space Vampire), Tobe Hooper's immortal 1985 flick, Space Girl is an alien creature first discovered by astronauts in human form, inside a spacecraft that's inside Halley's Comet. She's apparently dead, but comes back to life in London. Like other, more commonplace vampires, such as those found in Twilight, she requires nourishment; instead of blood, she drains the lifeforce, represented by cool-looking special effects vomit, from nearby humans. The humans are reduced to dessicated husks of skin and bones, which looks like a fate worse than that suffered by Twilight victims. On the other hand, Space Girl is kissing them while she's draining them, so it's not entirely a bad deal.

Did I mention that Space Girl is naked for the entire movie? (The best Eclipse can do is strip Jacob to the waist.) Did I mention that Steve freakin' Railsback (the man who convincingly played Charles Manson) is the hero? Do I need to note that Patrick Stewart (pre-Star Trek: The Next Generation), Peter Firth, and Frank Finlay play supporting roles? OK, it's a cheesy movie filled with cheesecake, but I adore the juxtaposition of an American lunatic set loose in the middle of the very proper Brits as they try to deal with a very powerful space vampire. If you need further convincing, check out the Korean-language trailer after the jump.