Get ready to feel old. This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of 'Back to the Future.'

The Fourth of July blockbuster about Marty McFly and his time-traveling quest to get his parents together for the first time went on to spawn two sequels, an amusement park ride, a Saturday morning cartoon, the best songs Huey Lewis ever wrote, and the countdown to 2015 -- when Hoverboards WILL become a reality.

Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as the best rock-n-roll teenager/crazy scientist combo in movie history, 'Back to the Future' was the biggest-grossing film of the year and was even preserved in the National Film Registry. It's one of the greatest films ever made. Seriously, if you thought the possibility of Marty being erased from time was scary, imagine a life where 'Back to the Future' never existed.

Marty's adventure began after what was supposed to be a routine test with a time-traveling DeLorean, in the Twin Pines Mall of Hill Valley, Calif. Luckily for us, the Twin Pines Mall is a real place: the Puente Hills Mall of Rowland Heights, Calif.
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