When Neil Gaiman speaks, people in the comic and book industry tend to take notice -- so when the award-winning creator picked up his CILIP Carnegie Medal for his gothic kids' story The Graveyard Book and shared his thoughts on vampires, it seemed like a pretty important moment.

Gaiman is, not surprisingly, tired of vampires. He made this brutally clear when he compared the glut of vampire movies, books, and paranormal romances cluttering up the popular entertainment landscape to an infestation of cockroaches. Why's Gaiman so mad? Could be because he's scrapped plans for his next novel to feature a vampire character.

In a world filled with Twilights, the author's fears revolve around two things: that the vampire has lost its power as an icon of terror and has instead become some romanticized Romeo, and that the creatures have been overused in general. "Maybe it's time for this to play out and go away. It's good sometimes to leave the field fallow. I think some of this stuff is being over-farmed," he said.
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