One of my favorite opening sequences when I was a kid was the montage that kicks off Flight of the Navigator. It's a tease at first, as the sci-fi film opens on what looks like a flying saucer soaring across a city skyline. But then a dog leaps up and grabs the suddenly identified object in his mouth. It's just a frisbee, part of some big championship event for talented canines, of all breeds and sizes. If you like watching dogs run and leap in slow motion, you have to be a fan of this montage. It is sad, though, to watch so many of the dogs fail to catch the frisbee. Awww, just missed it, buddy!

It's an odd montage to open with given that Flight of the Navigator doesn't really have much to do with dogs, other than the fact the main character has one for a pet and it does somewhat lead him into trouble. But the sequence does set up the date -- July 4, 1978 -- and South Florida setting via the event's banner. After the opening there is some more typical Fourth of July fun: Slip 'n Slide and sparklers. Then, something I've always wished would happen to me on Independence Day, a non-probe-involving UFO abduction in which the saucer is piloted by the voice of Pee-Wee Herman.

Check out the clip after the jump, and have a fun holiday weekend!