Before Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men or any other of these comic book films in the pipeline such as Captain America, The Avengers - there used to be only one cinematic superhero that mattered: Superman.

Brought to the big screen in 1978 by director Richard Donner and actor Christopher Reeve, Superman was great entertainment and good box office fare (the tagline was 'You'll believe a man could fly' and, even with those primitive special effects, you really could).

However, after an equally effective sequel, the franchise plummeted into oblivion with the semi-comedy Superman III (1983) and Cold War propaganda of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987), both poorly received critically and commercially. The sad news is that, between then and 2006's partially unsuccessful reboot Superman Returns, we could have had another film starring Reeve, one which sounds quite amazing but, sadly, didn't get off the starting block.

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