In three weeks, many of us are descending into San Diego for five whirlwind days of geekery. There will be massive announcements, sneak previews, buckets of swag, hope building buzz and soul crushing realizations. San Diego ComicCon has yet to really make or break a film (despite what the hyperbolic press will tell you) but it can definitely tilt the balance or put a project on fandom's radar.

Let's not forget that this is the year (or was it last year, or will it be next year, or did it actually happen in 2000) that we finally admit that San Diego ComicCon isn't really about comics anymore, but about Hollywood and video game developers. That's not meant to be as snarky as it may sound. Those of us who descend on roundtables and panels know we're part of the problem. I lament it every time I go combing the longboxes for old comics, and there's nary a Bat Lash collection to be found.

Every year at ComicCon is a big year, but 2010 promises to be a really big year. It's the year Morgan Spurlock will be filming it. One franchise (Harry Potter) is winding down, while Marvel and DC are revving up big time. There's blasts from the genre past like Tron: Legacy (a film that's virally lurked for two con years) andThe Green Hornet, and sci-fi wildcards likeSucker Punch andBattle: Los Angeles. Here's what we know is set to make an appearance, what we guess might be there, and what we wish would be there.