The 88 year-old French filmmaker Alain Resnais has returned to cinemas with his latest film Wild Grass. It's a fascinating, and baffling movie. In some scenes it moves like a thriller, suggesting simmering violence that will erupt later, spiced with a few dashes of obsession. In other scenes, it plays like a goofy comedy (as when a man's zipper gets stuck just before a crucial moment). And in still other scenes, it deliberately goes off the track and becomes all of these things, and none of them.

In Wild Grass, a red-headed woman (Sabine Azéma), who is a dentist and a pilot, loses her purse, and a fifty-something man (André Dussollier) -- who may have some kind of violent past -- finds it. Their first few connections go terribly wrong, and when a connection is finally made, it feels... weird. The last scene is a total baffler, dropping in on two brand-new characters with a truly peculiar final line of dialogue. Cahiers du Cinema selected it as the best film of 2009 in France.
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