According to Scott Campbell, the greatest showdown in Die Hard isn't John McClane facing off against Hans Gruber -- it's McClane versus a grinning mass of glass shards. That showdown, and many more, are represented as paintings on Campbell's site -- The Great Showdowns. It's a lighter look at some of the most memorable face-offs in film history.

Campbell places a quote with each image, but not the titles of the film, sometimes turning the more obscure match-ups into a guessing game amongst the visitors to his site. My personal favorites are some of the less obvious pieces. When I recognized the King of Kong piece (after staring at it for a couple of seconds), I felt like I'd solved a little puzzle and patted myself on the back. Good job, me.

You can view Campbell's process through his blog, and order prints and posters of his work through Gallery '88, Gallery Nucleus, and Poster Cabaret.

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