Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'Wednesday's opening for 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' was so impressive (including a record-breaking $30 million just for midnight screenings) that it threatened to eclipse the movie's opening weekend.

The teen vampire sequel easily conquered the box office during the holiday weekend -- the other top five movies were fellow newcomer 'The Last Airbender,' followed by holdovers 'Toy Story 3,''Grown Ups,' and 'Knight & Day' -- but 'Eclipse's' earnings from Friday to Sunday pretty much equaled its take from Wednesday alone.

According to studio estimates, 'Eclipse' sucked up $68.5 million in sales on its first day, while it took in $69 million from Friday to Sunday. Adding its revenues for Thursday and Monday, the Summit release earned a formidable total of $175.3 million for its first six days. The movie opened on a record-breaking 4,468 screens, many of them boosting revenues with IMAX surcharges. The film also had a more action-filled plot than the previous installment, 'New Moon,' which resulted in greater guy appeal (exit polls found the 'Eclipse' audience was 35 percent male, compared to 20 percent for 'New Moon').