In what may be the greatest casting rumor to emerge in a long time, reports are stating that actor Collin Farrell is rumored to be in the running to play Ozzy Osbourne in a planned biopic about the rocker's life.

According to, Paramount and MTV Films' execs have revealed that the notorious Irish actor would be their top choice to play the hard-partying wild man of heavy metal. One source offered up the following justification, "Colin drinks, he smokes, he womanizes. He's just a sleeve tattoo away from being a real rock star."

What gets lost in all this hypothesizing is that Farrell's also a good actor who could pull of the role. It isn't much of a stretch to picture the performer leading Black Sabbath or biting the heads off live bats. Farrell has the rock star swagger down pat and the acting chops to bring Ozzy to life on the big screen.

There is at least one potential obstacle in the way of making this dream a reality, though. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne both have their own casting choices in mind. Ozzy says "I don't want a Johnny Depp or someone from the Hobbit films. I want someone who knows Birmingham. I'm from Birmingham, and it would be good to get someone from Birmingham to play me." This seems to ruin Sharon's plans, since she was in favor of Johnny Depp playing her husband.

As interesting as this story is, it should be noted that this is still merely a rumor at this point and may never come to pass. I like the idea of Farrell in the role a lot, though. Hit the comments section and play casting director. Who would you cast as Ozzy Osbourne and why?

[via Cinema Blend]