The hunt for original and quality independent horror continues! Via Bloody Disgusting, I came across this new endeavor from director Jeremiah Sayys. His imdb listing is rather robust and speaks to the one-man-army method of production that so many amateur filmmakers employ. (As a funny side note, all of the films listed except 'Of Silence' are in pre-production. Wishful thinking?) Nonetheless, the trailer just leaped onto the web and speaks to the kind of flick that tickles my horror feelers. Judging by this early look, it adheres to the too often forgotten rule of fright films that you should show less and milk the scares by building tension and letting the audience fill in the gaps. This one, as with many of the classics, utilizes spooky sounds instead of your typical 'jump scares' or geysers of blood.

"After returning home, a former scuba diver, Colby Van Poe, a man suffering from an inner ear medical condition, tries to cope with his wife's untimely death.

The guilt of him feeling responsible for her death causes him to slip into a world of silence inhabited by strange shadows and menacing voices. His family try to cheer him up, but seem to only scratch the surface.

Could the shadows within the silence mean he is finally losing his mind, or is it possible that his ghoulish visions really exist?

Head over to Bloody Disgusting to check out the teaser trailer. The film is in post-production, so hopefully we'll have a better look at this one soon!
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