It's been a long time since I've heard a peep about Grandmaster -- so long that I'd completely forgotten about it. The good news is, the project is once again showing signs of life -- so anyone who likes diabolical thrillers in the vein of Se7en, only with a firm grounding in reality, should be pleased by this news.

Details are scarce, but the guys over at Quiet Earth have posted a story stating that Timeless and Zombie Diaries writer Michael Bartlett has been given the go ahead to start working on a script in hopes of reviving the long dormant project. Honestly, it's amazing this film never got made -- it's based on the real life story of chess Grandmaster Raymond Keene. Authorities approached him personally back in 1990 to help them with a case. In it, a man had confessed to the murder of a woman but refused to reveal the location of the body. The only clues he would offer were hidden in a chess puzzle he'd drawn on his cell wall. Keene came in and eventually figured it -- and the media jumped all over the story. Paramount grabbed the rights, but the project never came together.

Perhaps it will now -- it seems like something that shouldn't be too hard to adapt and I'd imagine there are lots of actors who'd love to play a brainy chess Grandmaster cracking a huge case.

We'll keep you posted if anything more develops with this one. In the meanwhile, you can read about the real case in Time Magazine.
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