Happy Fourth of July weekend to all my neighbors to the south, and as you spend the weekend grilling, drinking, and blowing things up, at the end of it all you are probably going to want to kick back on the couch and nurse your sunburn (and your hangover) with a few movies. So after you have worked your way through some Fourth of July favorites, why not take a chance on the strange and exotic world of Canadian cinema.

Granted, our two countries have plenty in common, but we couldn't be more different if we tried (I believe that The Simpsons probably sum up how most of the world sees us...including our neighbors to the south). But one of the greatest differences between us is that we Canadians have a reputation for being a somewhat 'staid' nation. We are thought of as polite, quiet, observant of the rules and we're always apologizing...in a word: boring. But I'm here to tell you the big secret; it's all an act. We Canadians are just as strange, obnoxious, silly, and brilliant as any nation on earth.

Luckily the easiest way to get an idea about the 'flavor' of a country is to watch a few of their movies, so with no further ado, let me introduce you to the 'dark side' of Canada...
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