In my mass media class in high school, we were tasked with making a short film. Due to a rift between myself and my friend over the direction my "detectives chase vampires through a small town in Florida" film was going to take, we parted ways and I helped shoot a short film we titled "Chasing Mall Clerks." Influenced by the Kevin Smith-and-all-things-View Askew obsession my friends had, the film ultimately ended up being so bad, it was derided by damn near everyone in the class, making the success we had with our awesome wrestling stop-motion animation a triumph we could never reclaim again. I never did see the finished product, but I can only assume it was comparable to Cop Out, Smith's most recent endeavor that was lambasted by almost everyone.

Despite this, I'm really excited for Red State, Smith's foray into the horror genre. The film's history has been bumpy, to say the least. It was passed over by the Weinsteins, and financial troubles lead to the rumor that he was going to ask his fans to fund the film, which I was told got debunked by Smith on his podcast (confirm/deny?). Whatever the case may be, it looks like the stars have aligned and we'll be getting Red State sooner than later, as Smith has apparently revealed in an interview with E! Online that the film will begin shooting in August.

"Red Stateis what we're shooting in August. It's a political horror movie, essentially. We're still casting right now, but I don't want to cast anybody that anybody knows because that takes you right out of the flick. The idea is what's going to sell the movie."

His past few outings (sans Zach and Miri) have been pretty dreadful, but given Kevin Smith's devotion to comedy, one can only surmise how he'll do with a tried and true horror film. My guess is heavy on the dialog, but that's pretty much a sucker bet. Hopefully more details will be revealed soon, as this is one film I'm eager to hear more about.

Thanks to Arrow in the Head for bringing this news to my attention.

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