If you were paying attention between the weekend's barbecues, you probably noticed a trickle, and then a flood, of reviews for Christopher Nolan's Inception. Unsurprisingly, they were uniformly raves -- more restrained ones from the trades; full-on geek-outs from the blogs. It's looking like the quality summer smash everyone hoped for and expected from one of big Hollywood's smartest and most ambitious filmmakers.

This is a huge relief, since Inception was our last, best hope for a terrific summer flick for adults. I'm as big a fan of Toy Story 3 as anyone -- bigger than most -- but even I was holding out for something a bit meatier. (Splice fit the bill for me, actually, but it obviously didn't even make a dent in the zeitgeist.) It looks like we have it.

The spoiler-wary will probably want to avoid the full reviews, but below the fold I've compiled some excerpts that give you a taste while preserving the film's secrets. Start the countdown, nerds! We've got something to be (unironically) excited about.