Wait...the Steven Spielberg-produced alien invasion TV series we've been writing about got a title? When did that happen? How could I miss that? Man, days like this make me feel ineffectual.

The title of the series is Falling Skies, which is a pretty darn good title for your post-alien invasion post-apocalyptic drama series that follows Noah Wyle as he attempts to lead a small group of plucky human survivors in a direction that does not involve their demise at the hands/tentacles/telekinesis of a bunch 'o genocidal extra-terrestrials. We actually have far more than a title: io9 has a gallery of 23 new images from the upcoming TNT series, giving us our first good look at the show's stars, including Wyle and the lovely Moon Bloodgood, as well as their large band of intrepid civilian red-shirts.

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