Do you remember watching Fraggle Rock when you were growing up? Then you're the target market for the new Weinstein-produced Fraggle Rock movie, because it's aimed at an edgier, adult audience. That was the verdict of The Weinstein Company, according to director Cory Edwards in blog posts last month, as reported by Cinematical here.

According to the director of Hoodwinked! fame, the Weinstein Co. had sought a screenwriter to bring an edge to the material that would appeal to moviegoers most likely to be familiar with the property, an audience which has grown up in the nearly 30 years since the show aired.

We speculated at the time that the Weinsteins wouldn't have been happy with Edwards's comments. Talking to You Bent My Wookie, Edwards explains that things have changed. "Since then, I've been able to sit down with Weinstein's new VP of Development and really talk about their issues with the movie. We've had some very good conversations about what they think 'edgy' is and what I think 'edgy' is."
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