If you ask any devotee of horror who the best directors of the genre are, I guarantee you every single one of them will include John Carpenter. Although his repertoire is bound to no specific genre, films such as The Thing, Halloween and In the Mouth of Madness have cemented the auteur's status as a master of horror. Sure he's had some stinkers (Ghosts of Mars, anyone?), but when compared to his hits you're compelled to forgive him. Now, during the 5th annual Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, one of the world's greatest genre badasses will be recognized with the Lifetime Achievement "Freaky" Award.

As Dread Central informs us, the ceremony honoring Carpenter will take place on October 10th at 5 PM at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando. Given that the festival is a haven for independent filmmaking, it is no wonder that Carpenter is being awarded this honor. Robert Massetti, who founded the film festival and serves as its director, had this to say about Carpenter's role as an independent filmmaker:

"We are honored to have Mr. Carpenter be this years recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a master filmmaker and embodies the true independent filmmaking spirit, which has been an inspiration to me and to all independent horror filmmakers."

In addition to honoring Carpenter, the Freak Show Horror Film Festival is "a showcase of some of the most talented, up and coming horror filmmakers in the world," and just one aspect of the Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend. As Florida's largest horror convention, Spooky Empire's annual gathering of upwards of 12,000 horror fans features live music, celebrity guests and even a tattoo room. Like all conventions, there will be after parties, which are held at the Wyndham Resort's pool.

So if you plan on going to Halloween Horror Nights, time it for that weekend so you can completely OD on horror.
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