They certainly took their sweet time, didn't they? Back in 2007, Grindhouse hit theaters with a marketing blitz that was worthy of just about any blockbuster. The two-punch ode to 42nd Street trash was a grand experiment, pairing Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. The two auteurs forged Planet Terror and Death Proof into one slimy, sleazy bit of insanity. While many of us are torn on the quality of the output (and audiences at large found saw it flop at the box office), it's easy to say that we all loved the premise: Two nasty films divided by a slew of equally lurid trailers for films that didn't exist.

No matter what you think of the individual films, if you didn't appreciate the unhinged madness that the guest directors brought to the trailers, well . . . then you're just wrong. Fans and the creator himself loved Rodriguez' own Machete that it paved the way for a feature adaptation.

Then, in a move many described as "inexplicable", the DVD releases robbed the feature of two of its greatest assets. They released the DVDs individually, and without all of the glorious trailers. The decision reeked of a cash-grab, one meant to soak every last penny out of a venture that had been deemed a failure. Now, at long last, it looks like we'll get to own the whole shebang as it was intended. Edgar Wright, director of Don't, the nod to British horror of the 1970's, commented on his Twitter page:

"So, get this, tomorrow I am doing a commentary on 'Don't'. Some of you will know what that means is finally happening."

Yes, this is all conjecture from a somewhat vague Twitter comment, but what else could it mean?

Below I've linked the notorious trailers. It will be good to see them on something other than youtube, again.

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