dog soldiersActor Sean Pertwee had it right when he called Dog Soldiers "a soldier movie with werewolves in it," not the other way around. Neil Marshall's 2002 indie thriller pits a group of grubby British soldiers against a pack of nasty werewolves in the Scotland wilderness.

But Dog Soldiers isn't too concerned with exploring the origins of its hairy scary monsters or developing a rich horror mythology. Instead, Marshall, who also wrote the film's script, is more interested in introducing a number of memorable characters and placing them in some very creepy and dangerous situations.

You'll have to watch the movie's "making of" DVD featurette to hear Pertwee and the rest of the cast rave about Marshall's 2002 indie thriller. I didn't love the movie as much as they do, but I did have a good time with it, and I hope you did too. Let's explore Marshall's debut feature for a few hundred words or so, and don't forget to let us know what you thought about it in the comments section.
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