It's not strictly movie news, but there can be no greater indicator of the phenomenal success of high-school musical Glee than the fact that serious movie star Javier Bardem is to play a guest role in the show. Bardem worked with the show's co-creator, Ryan Murphy, on the upcoming Julia Roberts-starrer Eat Pray Love, which Murphy wrote and directed. According to Entertainment Weekly, Bardem pitched the idea of guest starring after watching the entire first season in a week.

He will appear in season two as a rock star who befriends Kevin McHale's character, Artie. "We're going to rock the house," he tells EW. "We're going to do some heavy metal - Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst."

The relevance of the story lies in what it suggests about Glee's future, though. While most of Glee's high-profile guest stars have been musicians – think Eve, Olivia Newton-John, Josh Groban – this is the first time a major cinema actor has appeared in the show. A move to the big screen might not be far off.
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