The bloodsucking teens just keep coming. Plans are afoot to transform 'Vampire Academy,' a six-book saga about kids at a school for vampires tucked away in the forests of Montana, into a feature film by 'Transformers' producer Don Murphy, according to a report in Variety. Set at St. Vladimir's Academy, the series centers on Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old female "dhampir" -- a member of a race of peaceful mortal vampires who are half human -- who must deal with teen problems while facing a group of bloodthirsty immortal vampires who feed upon her race. Author Richelle Mead's first 'Academy' book debuted in 2007, making the New York Times Bestsellers list and has been published in 34 countries. The sixth and final installment is scheduled for release in December. The producers are beginning discussion with studios on the project.
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