According to a user-filed report at Comic Book Movie, the character of Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man, will be in the upcoming X-Men: First Class spin-off. Madrox had also appeared in X-Men 3: The Last Stand as a member of Magneto's League of Evil Mutants. Any X-nerd worth their salt was posisbly elated but more than likely confused to see Madrox in the movie, especially considering he's not a member of the X-men in the comics but rather the leader of X-Factor, currently a group of mutant private investigators operating out of M-Town, which of course stands for "Mutant-Town."

While it's not that surprising to see a random character or two pop up where one wouldn't expect them to in a Brett Ratner film, the fact is that X-Men: First Class is being helmed by Matthew Vaughn, who recently adapted the cynical and all-around lackluster Kick-Ass comic into a slightly less lackluster movie. Vaughn presumably doesn't just like to throw together whatever characters he can into a blender like Ratner does (who else remembers the ridiculous cast that he originally wanted for Rush Hour 3?).

But it kind of begs the question: aren't we all kind of looking forward to the cameos in this film more than the actual plot? Don't we want to spot Sauron hanging out in the Danger Room or even a young Wolfsbane suit up for the first time? Which non X-Man would you want to see most in the next X-movie? Be sure to comment on your choice in the comments section, especially if you choose "Other."


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